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5 Places to find Team RAMP

NAB Show

Well spring certainly hasn’t sprung in New England, but you can find team RAMP springing up on the West Coast, in Houston, and in Philly. Here are 5 places you can find us this month:


Work hard, play hard - feet up Friday

feet up friday

Work@RAMP is about being able to work hard, but also being allowed to really revel in your accomplishments; the moments where you get to step back and admire the effort you’ve put into a project. And let me tell you: when you finish up a set of project “to-do’s” late in the evening, somehow you can still be amped up enough to write a blog post (ahem, this one).  That’s what I enjoy about being a Front End Developer here -- the work community fosters a culture where you feel energized and passionate about what you are doing, even if that’s just making sure the design you are working on looks the same in a Nexus 7 as it does in an iPad Mini. Coming into a Friday, you’ve gone about a million miles an hour all week, and that’s why you work just a little bit harder; so you can slow the pace down on Friday and have that ‘Feet Up Friday’ moment. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s something picking up traction via photo posts on all of your quintessential social media outlets, like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr (Instagram too!).


The Power of the Prosumer Camera in the Enterprise


The Power of the Prosumer in the Enterprise


Futile Video Content Management Systems Causing Major Headaches for Companies


Have you ever spent valuable time in the morning looking through your sock drawer for a matching pair? As you rifle through in a panic, do you find yourself wishing you had a system slightly more organized than just dumping everything into one giant pile?

Will TV Everywhere be the next thing? ESPN’s John Skipper doesn't think so.

Q1 TVE Poll TVE Credentials resized 600

While the second screen is certainly being embraced (WWE for example incorporates Twitter fan responses to influence the outcomes of their Monday Night RAW show), TV Everywhere has been left out in the cold. During this week’s SXSW panel discussion, ESPN’s President, John Skipper, clearly stated his dismay for TV Everywhere.


Throwback Thursday - TVNext Hack

tvnext hack

Have you ever attended a hackathon? Up until last year's TVNext Hack, I hadn't either. The event was sponsored by many big names such as ESPN, the Echonest (recently acquired by Spotify), and RAMP among others. It was a great time, and if you've never been to a hackathon, I'll break down the logistics:


How to overcome the 5 roadblocks to video adoption


More and more, visuals are replacing text-based content and video is leading the pack. In fact, according to Cisco, video will exceed 86% of global consumer traffic by 2016. Gartner also agrees, claiming the amount of video in the enterprise is increasing at rates varying from 50% to 200%, annually.


Video Culture: Startup Institute

video culture

Welcome to our series on video culture. We are exploring the ways businesses use video in their company and how it impacts their customers and employees. Today we are featuring the Startup Institute. The Startup Institute is a career accelerator that combines hard skills with cultural acumen to drastically increase the impact of startup employees. They offer a full-time, immersive, 8-week program with campuses in Boston, Chicago, New York, Berlin, and London.

Universal Search from RAMP is the new TV Guide for NBC.com

describe the image

NBC.com has just launched a complete redesign of their website, and with it a slick, new Universal Site Search solution that is powered by RAMP. The latest release provides a really sharp and powerful site search experience, which drives more video views off their homepage.  NBC has also implemented RAMP’s “matching engine”, known as MetaQ, that adds a TV Guide-like element to the search bar. 


4 Things Ellen's Oscar Selfie can Teach You About Video Marketing

ellen jared leto pizza resized 600

There were so many great moments from last night’s Academy Awards. There was the pizza party (who did not love that Brad Pitt was handing out plates to other stars?) that ended with host Ellen DeGeneres asking celebrities for tips that she collected in Pharrell Williams infamous hat, which he had sported at the Grammy Awards. Speaking of Pharrell: he performed his upbeat smash hit, “Happy” for which he was nominated!.

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